A new era of post church reformation has dawned upon the Church of Jesus Christ. The return of the apostolic ministry has become prominent in the forefront of a new wineskin being ushered in the earth. This new wineskin is issuing forth new insights into an otherwise previously hidden view of God’s word adjusting traditionally accepted notions of church structure, culture and its position as the house of God.


As workmen within the five-fold ministry, apostles are carriers of the fundamental truths of grace resident in Christ as He builds the house of God through matured sons. Through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the true relational configuration of believers as sons of God is being made known through this current apostolic season. As the Son of God Jesus is the seed through whom God has revealed this mystical relationship of God himself as Father to those receiving Jesus Christ as Lord. God intentionally put in place the process of Sonship, making Jesus Christ the central figure of salvation. The theology of Christo-centric truth establishes the inheritance given to those maturing to be sons of God. The Call To Spiritual Sonship explores the growth of believers in their journey through the scriptures, unveiling the true relationship between Father God and His sons.


Julius Hummons is married and the father of three children. He is retired and with his wife of 38 years serves locally in their church as leaders over Christian education. Julius has been in ministry since 1986 serving in outreach to youth and to those incarcerated. He has served in church plants and as a teaching elder. Understanding foundational principles of redemption and salvation has been his desire for himself, the church and those seeking a true relationship in God.

The Call to Spiritual Sonship

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