Oaths and Promises making Slaves into Sons

Updated: May 10

When God decided to choose human sons rather than angels, he established a plan guaranteeing man's ability to become his sons. God's choice of heirs other than the angels became an issue of contention within the circle of Lucifer and the angels that followed him. Before the angelic rebellion, God made specific preparations that would secure His desire for humanity. The Lamb before the foundation of the world references the sacrifice of a life, the giving of life for a debt that could not be satisfied. God did this act as He determined that creating humanity would come with the foreknowledge of sin. With the foreknowledge of sin affecting man, God swears to himself, making an oath that he will have sons, heirs that will be of his exact image. This oath was established in the realm of God's existence, outside of time, because God had not created time itself. In Hebrews 6:17-18, God's desire to make clear two unchangeable things concerning himself; his oath to himself and the promise to Abraham making his descendants numerous and the blessing of the whole earth. The commitment to Abraham was God's continued intervention into the affairs of man regarding His furtherance of producing the sons of His image. Through the sin of Adam and the prophecy of 430 years of bondage, the chosen people of God developed a slave mentality during this time. Despite the bondage, God used this event to protect the promised seed through a line of people He chose to become the forefathers of His sons. Through oath and promise, Jesus Christ guarantees the hope of sonship.

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