Reformation Post COVID-19

As the onset of the COVID pandemic has brought about a reassessment of exposure protocols within the medical community, all the religions of faith have found themselves reassessing their exposure to what has appeared to challenge their beliefs of divine providence and protection. More specifically, every spiritually-minded individual has been alerted to a shift in imminent mortality regardless of belief affiliation. In times past, the Christian world faced a need to reposition its approach to challenging times. In difficult times, those who are functioning in direct frontline activity find themselves having their skills put to the test. As the COVID pandemic placed enormous stress upon the medical professionals, so was an emphasis placed on the religious community. Shifts in thought, approach, and consideration of new protocols for protection became necessary to combat the growing threat of the pandemic. Believers in the Christian faith face wondering what their fate is as this silent and undetectable disease ravages the world. This world crisis has become front and center, rendering a mindset of re-establishing and undergirding accepted norms.

Spiritually the impact of this pandemic should be a clear indication of divine judgment. In isolation and being limited to specific demographics, one would think this event is a one-off. Still, because of its global implications as a phenomenon, re-evaluation and reassessment have prompted an attitude towards reformation. Assumptions of divine protection have placed the spotlight on notions long-held concerning the church's position of immunity in these times. The onset of the pandemic brought to a halt every system of operation from social to economic to religious, garnering the world's attention; likewise, the church must conclude that nothing happens without God's permission. The word of God speaks on every event that has and will impact the world and its systems. In Zachariah, the prophet tells of how God appears to judge the world's methods that have held His people in bondage. This book also speaks of God's people constituted as a nation and how the coming King will pit the sons of Zion against the sons of Greece. This implication refers to war between the spiritual and the reasoning philosophies of the world. The introduction of COVID-19 has prompted a reset moment requiring the current systems and positions of the church to undergo a review with new eyes capable of receiving the Holy Spirit's revelation that is different from past beliefs and traditions that are unbiblical. God is bringing into the time of humanity a returning of the church to divine patterns and models aimed at reconstituting His people as a Holy nation to be a light before the world. Before this nation can be manifest, God must remove the structures, systems, and human-made philosophies of the earth. The new man or second Adam being spiritual is to be brought forth as the house of God is established with Christ as the head and the Holy Spirit as the executor to the state of the church. In the Valley of dry bones where the Spirit of God reassembled the man, today so is the army of the Lord. The church must reform its thinking to bring Christ as King into the earth presently, for this is the Day of the Lord. "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

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